What conditions / injuries do we treat?

Our experienced and highly trained physical therapists see patients for:

  • Athletic conditioning
  • Dizziness / balance / concussion-related conditions
  • Joint and / or muscle pain (neck, hands, elbows, showers, low back, ankles, feet)
  • Pre- and post-surgical knee, shoulder, and back injuries
  • Post-operative recovery
  • Sports injuries
  • Work injuries (sprains, injured discs)

We also offer athletic Kinesio Taping®, cupping, and dry needling services. Ask how these might benefit you!

What makes our physical therapy different?

At SMART Sports, we complement our physical therapy programs with three components you won’t find all under the same roof, anywhere else in Cheyenne:

  • A full-service fitness gym
  • Saltwater therapy pool
  • In-house referrals for an MRI or X-Ray

Our 24-hour, full-service fitness gym allows us to create a customized, in-house workout program tailored specifically to your abilities and diagnosis. As part of your treatment, our physical therapists will guide you through custom exercise routines that support your recovery—and that you can continue to use long after your treatment program has ended! (Ask about our reduced membership costs for discharged PT patients.)

In our saltwater therapy pool, we keep the water at a balmy 90 degrees… the ideal temperature to work with a PT or PTA to loosen tight joints, relieve joint pain, and calm muscle spasms. The water also creates a safe environment to condition athletes who can’t engage in traditional running/walking/cycling exercises, due to knee injuries / surgeries.

And if you need a referral for an MRI or X-Ray, no need to go further than just down the hall! Dr. Skip Ross, M.D., can have a referral ready for you in minutes.

No referral necessary

You don’t need a referral from your primary physician to come in and see us. Generally, we can begin a course of treatment as soon as your initial evaluation is complete.

Meet our PT team

Josh Artery, PT, DPT

A movement-based therapist, Josh is certified in performing Selective Functional Movement Assessments, and he’s received ImPACT concussion care training through the National Concussion Database and Testing Service. He also has specialized training in the treatment of vestibular dizziness, imbalance, and concussions.

Tom Bledsoe, MPT

Tom’s 20 years of physical therapy experience have focused primarily on orthopedics. He’s certified in dry needling (with or without the electric component) to treat muscle spasms/tightness, and he primarily practices manual therapy to mobilize/massage joints, improve function and movement, and relieve pain.

Ready to explore the ways physical therapy could benefit you?

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