Patient Testimonials

  • So many opportunities to be healthy under one roof! The staff is very knowledgeable, helpful, and eager to make your experience pleasurable. For those who may be a bit uncomfortable going to a gym for the first time, you don’t need to worry. You will be welcomed and become a part of the family.

    Judy W.

  • WOW! This is the place to exercise. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The equipment is top-notch. THEY HAVE EVERYTHING HERE! The trainers here look great too, they really work people. I love the people at the desk, the ladies in the salon are so so nice.
    I’ve worked out at 24hr fitness, the YMCA, Fitness one, small local community gyms, high school gyms and college gyms. This place is well thought out and stocked.

    • Clean as a whistle. Smells clean (bathrooms, benches, window sills, everything)
    • Affordable. The monthly rate is low and the commitment is easy to make.
    • The clientele is friendly and focused. You can tell when you go to a gym and the people are insecure or unsure. Not here. Friendly, friendly; but busy as well. Lots of experience here.

    To sum up, this is easily the best gym in town. (I checked) Competitively priced and well thought out. Lots of bang for my buck, not just a long room with treadmills and a bicep machine. I’ll Never Leave!

    Ryan O.

  • Great place to work out.

    Ron K

  • Most caring and professional staff that I have ever encountered.

    Ernest D.

  • This is My favorite place to do my Aquatic therapy. And Soon I will be able to do more.

    Dennis D.

  • Very knowledgeable staff at Smart Sports Physical Therapy. Always looking for what is the issue that is causing my difficulty. The pool at Smart Sports is a huge part of their Physical Therapy Program for those who need it. I’d trust Josh Artery with my life.

    Kenton F.

  • Great place with people that are good at what they do.

    R P

  • I am totally impressed with the care I have received and am still receiving. The caregivers are very professional and personable. They not only recommend and encourage specific exercises for me, they are also very helpful in motivating me to take on new challenges. I couldn’t be happier with SMART Sports Medicine in all aspects including all the staff I have come in contact with in the entire facility. If you are looking for reliable and effective rehabilitation this is the place. This was not my first rehabilitation center so I can compare.. This is the best!

    Phyllis C.

  • As a physician, they are the only place I refer to because they are the best. When it came to me choosing a place to rehab after my shoulder surgery, there was no question! I’m so happy with the progress they’ve helped me make.

    Jason C.

  • Very friendly. They helped me get back to work. I had to fund a closed-toe boot tried everywhere went here and was able to even bill my insurance. Thank you.

    Lisa L.

  • Everyone at SMART Sports has been wonderful, the help with my injury has been treated with the best care. Teaching me how to help my healing process along, and having a good time while at the facility have made it a great experience.

    Shawn H.

  • Best place to get youth sports physicals done. They are organized and friendly. We were in and out in 30 minutes.

    Tambra S.

  • PT staff are wonderful. They keep you informed about what is happening and why. They know when you need to be pushed and do so. I enjoy the attached gym so that when I am working out, if I have a quick question, I can pop over to get an answer.

    Sandra C.

  • Best place for physical therapy. One on one attention. Everyone is very helpful and patient.

    Deidre J.

  • I have been very impressed with the physical therapist and treatment I have been receiving. We discovered the underlying cause of what I thought was simply a pinched nerve. I am still a work in progress. Between physical therapy and exercises at home, I am able to do a lot more everyday activities.

    Leanne W.

  • The therapists at SMART Sports care about their patients. We’re not just a bunch of cattle being herded through, we’re people who they care about. I’m very satisfied with the care I receive from Tom and Korby. Thanks, Guys!

    Barbara C.

  • The staff and facilities are top-notch. They show absolute care and concern for every individual who walks in the door and offers a variety of treatment options nobody else is willing to try. Usually, when working out in a gym I would be shy and hesitant to interact with others or use unfamiliar equipment, but have NEVER been made to feel like I didn’t belong there. The fellow patrons were always willing to help, or just offer an encouraging smile.

    Marti V.